Kinder Campus Learning Center

2156 W. County Line Rd. Jackson, NJ 08527

Kinder Campus: A Humane Ed. Preschool Center


Mission: We Believe in Peace and Play

We believe in children learning through play and authentic interactions with one another. Our objectives help guide our teachers in offering many hands on, bona fide activities and discoveries for the children to learn from. We incorporate a diversity of music, creative art, and active participation as much as possible in each school day.


Our lessons are taught from a humane education lens. We encourage our learners to respect themselves, each other, and the environment, and to treat everyone, every being, and everything with care. We teach to resolve conflict via communication and empathy. If we promote peace now, we can prevent war later.




Classroom lessons will be taught to accommodate a variety of
learning styles. Lessons will be authentic and engaging, and
always from a humane perspective. Teachers in every classroom
will ignite logical and creative thinking, age level appropriate.
Daily lessons will incorporate basic developmental learning,

along with a reinforced appreciation for the world around us

people, animals, and the environment. Here at Kinder Campus,
we believe it is never too early to address the diversity of people,
animals, and environment around us. We strive towards
developing beautiful, happy, respectful minds who are well
prepared for not only kindergarten but for their young life
in the ever changing world.



Kinder Campus, as an independent business, strives for sustainability and progress. We use post consumer materials, recycle, reuse, conserve energy, and do whatever else we can to help reduce our footprints. We use green/organic/fair trade products whenever possible. Becoming green is a growing process. Once we plant the seed, if we take only what we need and not all that we want, generations to come will be privy to the plentiful resources of the planet.



Living in Harmony with the World.

It’s time to make living ethically, sustainably, and peaceably on this planet the very purpose of education.



Humane Education includes 4 elements:

1. Providing accurate information (so we have the knowledge to face challenges)

2. Fostering the 3C’s: curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking (so we have the tools to meet challenges)

3. Instilling the 3R’s: reverence, respect, and responsibility (so we have the motivation to confront

4. Offering positive choices and tools for problem solving (so we will be able to solve challenges)



Overall Objectives

1. Build character and encourage children to be advocates, ambassadors, and stewards of community and

2. Create awareness of the need to protect and respect humans, animals, and the earth.

3. Widen perspective and ignite inquisition about the world and how it works.

Kinder Campus Learning Center 2014